Woman Centered

Health Care

The film presents the miraculous birth as witnessed by the entire family of the mother-including her husband, daughter and sister

Running time 12 minutes

An inspiring short film for mothers and fathers to-be who are considering using a Midwife!

The film also gives career seekers an exemplary view into another option in health care

Certified Nurse Midwife Gail Rivera, head midwife at one of the first inner-city midwifery centers in the United States, is observed guiding a labor and delivery with patience, love and care. Trained to use massage and medicinal herbs, often as a substitute for pharmacological pain killers, she is able to provide for comfort and safety without drugs or surgery.

Unlike many hospital births with an obstetrician, a midwife is with the birth mother throughout her prenatal care and the entire labor and delivery process, no matter how many hours that may take.

Midwives encourage a woman to give birth in whatever position the woman finds comfortable, be that standing, lying on her side, or in a Jacuzzi, and to invite into the birthing room whomever the mother may wish to share the joyous moment of birth.

Delivering using a midwife offers a mother an especially intimate and memorable experience. For our society, it offers a model of lower cost, highly personal health care.

A midwife assisting with the birth of your baby can make for an even more extraordinary and joyous event.